Just a quick internet search will tell anyone that film festivals generate commerce for their host communities and the surrounding area. Now with our designated regional state film office, the Northern PA Film Office the benefits of sponsoring The Boonies Inc have grown.  With your support The Boonies Inc will generate commerce for our local and regional economy. The Boonies seeks your support as a sponsor of this international event.

Taking a few minutes watching the credits at the end of any film will truly enlighten you to the needs of the film industry and just how pervasive it really is… and how strong. Nearly every business you can imagine could and often does touch the film industry. More correctly the film industry touch most businesses.

While specific sponsorships opportunities await your support, we welcome donations.  Anyone can donate any amount. When you support The Boonies Inc you create an endless ripple that saves everyone money.

Films, music, art, technology, workshops, parties are all open to the public at no cost.

So, if you want to support education, film, filmmakers, music, the arts, technology, your community or any of a million other reasons, please donate to The Boonies. You will be creating possibilities for everyone.

For specific sponsorship of the festival please contact Jeff Clark, Executive Director at 814-730-7375 or at  jeffc@thebooniesinternational.com for details.

Boonies Mission Statement

The Boonies, Inc. organized as a 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation, is created to support, educate and promote independent filmmakers of all ages, as well as promote Northern Pennsylvania’s location and natural resources to the film industry. To that end, The Boonies will utilize film, visual arts, music and the newest and experimental technologies to enhance the experience of students, filmmakers and audiences.



Sponsors New for 2015


Tombob Outdoors.com

Tombob Outdoors and The Boonies IncIt’s a natural thing, we’re Just Up The Road from each other.

Tombob Outdoors exists in the boonies so there’s a lot of connect the dots stuff with The Boonies Inc. For now Tombob Outdoors will have a presence on The Boonies 2015 and the two plan on a real rustic and futuristic adventure with Film in PA.

More in time… meantime…

Know Tombob Outdoors events at The Boonies 2015 TBA very soon.

Info Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ato4HgXugXQ.


Sponsors Past & Present



supporting The Boonies since 2011

Blair is not only a Boonies International sponsor they’re a screening venue too. That’s right we show movies at the Blair Museum. What? Where? I know, not everyone knows that the Blair retail store is also the home of the Blair Museum. It’s an amazing museum that is sure to interest most folks. In the museum there’s a nice comfy little theater where they usually show a film about the history of Blair but during the Boonies it serves as an interesting and convenient screening venue. Blair has The Boonies spirit and goes to great lengths to display that spirit. Blair has once again temporarily transformed their already amazing store entrance into a movie marquee. So, stop by to shop and stop by to watch films for free at the Blair Museum located within the retail store at 220 Hickory Street, right down town. It’s just a short walk from all of our screening venues.

While walking there you should take note of the very cool clock on the corner of 3rd & Hickory Street. The clock is highly visible having a face in four directions. The faces of the clock bear the company’s original name New Process. Take time to see it. There’s a lot to the story of Blair. It all started with a simple black raincoat… Blair Black Raincoatand $500 borrowed capital. John Blair printed and mailed flyers across the country and sold 1200 raincoats and the New Process Company came to be. Over 100 years later, the name has become Blair and the company has grown and still proudly serves customers across the nation. They’re still located here in our small city of Warren.

Find more at www.blair.com.






Bob Evans

supporting The Boonies since 2013

Bob Evans of Warren is The Boonies 2015 source of coffee for our guest filmmakers at the festival. The local restaurant located in, what we in the area call, North Warren is on the corner of Market Street Ext. and Jackson Run Road… or by route numbers it’s at the intersection of Rt. 62 and Rt. 69. Several times a day friendly film loving Bob Evans staff will deliver daily carafes of hot fresh coffee to the filmmakers lounge in downtown Warren.

As a Boonies sponsor Bob Evans of Warren is also proving items for our guest gift bags. Right now it’s unknown what item or items they may donate but it’ll be good. Nice touch Bob Evans.

Plan to stop in when you’re at The Boonies because… Bob Evans food is farm fresh… down on the farm as they say… and now into The Boonies too.  Find more at www.bobevans.com.




Volt Vision Inc.

supporting The Boonies since 2010

Boonies Sponsor – an engineer lighting designs service and consulting company in Warren, Pennsylvania, led by Steve French. Volt Vision was The Boonies International’s 1st sponsor.

  • Active in creating electronic and lighting retail products using interactive technology.
  • Involved in rapidly emerging LED lighting technology
  • Offering design consultation in – automated test equipment, automated control systems, LED technology, hydrogen generation control systems, efficient motor control for automotive and RDID

Volt Vision is also a retail seller of Irradiant LED lighting.

Steve is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology and is an involved advocate in working with academic students and a mentor at local high schools and colleges. Being a family man Steve loved the idea of a film festival a family could attend. Then Steve learned that The Boonies has lots of music. You should know that Steve loves the idea of all the music at The Boonies, because Steve is also a talented musician and plays one hell of bass guitar! Next, Steve heard about the technology and the variety of art at The Boonies and yep, Steve now loves The Boonies because of the technology and art, because that’s a lot of what Volt Vision is technology and art. So that’s why Steve French and Volt Vision got involved. Well, that and Steve is friends with The Boonies Executive Director Jeff Clark.

Find Volt Vision and Steve French at www.voltvision.com.




The Horton House

supporting The Boonies since 2011
The Boonies Host B&B – a premiere B&B here in Warren, Pennsylvania, owned and operated by Craig Scalise.

A great house since 1895… a great B&B since 1995, seven bedrooms with private baths, a tree lined 2 1/2 block walk from downtown Warren and the film festival, Wi-Fi and a backyard, cable and air, porches, patios, gardens all tucked away safe and secure.

The Horton House Bed & Breakfast is a grand get away in The Boonies! The festival recommends it! Heck, we utilize this gem when ever we can. The Boonies says it’s a respite for traveling film folks… so stay at The Horton House. Craig got involved with The Boonies early on, becoming our 2nd sponsor. Craig is a gracious host with a stately manor. Make your reservations for the festival as soon as you can and then as often as you can get back to The Boonies and The Horton House.

Find more at www.hortonhousebb.com.

Joseph Glarner Group

supporting The Boonies since 2010

Sponsor – Production group – Audio/Video service – Jazz musician – Managing Director a longtime supporter of  the festival Joe provides experience and talent required for The Boonies or your audio and video needsJoe is the managing director of The Boonies’ Northern PA Film Office which makes him also the managing director of The Boonies International Film Festival.  He’s a busy guy.

He’s the areas go to business for Commercials – TV – Radio – Internet
Music – recording local and national talent – creating music, jiggles and theme songs
Corporate audio and video.

For The Boonies the use of a studio for our audio and video needs was near the top of a list, as you might imagine. So, when Glarner Group suggested we work together on some common goals, it didn’t take much discussion before saying, “Oh yeah, that works!” Joe’s talent draws customers and his results keeps them coming back. Joe does everything for us, when it comes to audio and video. Working with us on commercials, short films, internet plans and creating workshops and opening doors to talent and to opportunity. Joe is a talented  professional who is creative, motivated and into indie.



Dan Van Gogh Flower Company

Dan Van Gogh Flower Company

supporting The Boonies since 2011

The Boonies Official Florist.  During The Boonies 2015 the shop will host some Boonies events. Dan Ristau the owner and operator warmly invites you to his shop and to these events during the festival.   The Boonies suggests you wander around the store and do a bit of shopping too. You’ll just want to do that naturally once you’re in the shop.  You may wonder what kind of events will take place in a gift and floral shop. Dan Van Gogh Flower Shop & The Boonies will be having meet & greets with film guest; wine and treat gatherings celebrating Warren connected films; music surprises will burst open there, even some Q&A’s for films at the Struthers may be extended and continued at Dan Van Gogh Flower Shop . Plus some filmmaker may be selling merchandise there as well. Stop in to see and give yourself enough time to enjoy the festival events at Dan Van Gogh Flower Shop on the corner of 3rd and Liberty Street, right next to the Struthers Library Theatre and across the street from the post office too!


Nite-Line Magazine

supporting The Boonies since 2010
Nite-Line Magazine is the largest weekly entertainment magazine in Northwestern Pennsylvania and Southwestern New York and is read by thousands. Nite-Line is a big supporter of The Boonies International. This unique weekly magazine gives The Boonies lots of press and is a champion for the festival. Honestly though they are a champion of many, many, many entertainment events! No one gets the word out like the Nite-Line. Watch for The Boonies ads, articles, announcements and look for our schedule as the festival gets ever closer. The Nite-Line gives you and your business the biggest bang in your print advertising bucks. Thanks to Nite-Line for all you do for The Boonies!!!




Kwik Fill- Red Apple

supporting The Boonies since 2011

A 3rd time sponsor of The Boonies International while it’s wondrous for us, it’s a great idea for you too because after all The Boonies is “Just Up the Road!”  You can fill up at Kwik Fill – Red Apple… fill up on gas, food and coffee all standard at this oasis in The Boonies called Kwik Fill – Red Apple.  Find a location and  stop in on your way to and from The Boonies International Film Festival.  Stop and stretch your legs and find all your travel needs and pleasures. They know you’re in a hurry to safely arrive at The Boonies 2015… that’s why they’re Kwik!




Mardi Gras Restaurant

supporting The Boonies since 2010

Mardi Gras is the location of The Boonies Filmmakers Lounge. The hub of kicking back at the festival for our filmmaker guests. The filmmakers love this location for the convenience to all the screening venues, the action, and for the outdoor access to our street filled with tables and chairs. The festival provides places for our filmmakers and guests to get away and chill a bit but they also enjoy meeting and talking with festival attendees and Mardi Gras is the main place. Festival goers will migrate to Mardi Gras daily from noon on BUT… remember when the films end for the day – the after parties all start at Mardi Gras Restaurant.




Quick Solutions

supporting The Boonies since 2011

Quick Solutions provides quick solutions for The Boonies all the time and they can do it for you too. They are there for The Boonies year round and they’re one of our sponsors too. The Boonies Film Catalog is printed by Quick Solutions. Plus our posters, our promotional bookmarks and lots of other printing jobs as well. We think they do a great job and they’re handy for both Jamestown and Warren business needs. Little jobs, big jobs are all done professionally and quick at Quick Solutions.



CFWC logoDefrees logo

The Community Foundation of Warren County and the Defrees Family Foundation

supporting The Boonies since 2012

While not sponsors at all the Community Foundation’s  insight and support needs to be recognized for their gracious giving. We think more folks will see them here in the Sponsorship listings and know of the support they demonstrate for The Boonies.

The Boonies is sincerely thankful for the vision and support of the Community Foundation of Warren County. Their ability to see the potential of The Boonies for our community is heartwarming for all of us at The Boonies Inc. We can only hope the their vision for the growth of The Boonies and its presence in Warren will be shared by more and more community oriented businesses and that The Boonies can be a part of the growth of our hometown. The Community Foundation of Warren County has a long standing history of supporting growth and the new ideas here in Warren County, The Boonies think they do a great job in their efforts to make our area a great place to live.

The Boonies gives great thanks to the granting by the Community Foundation of Warren County and the foundation they serve.  We’re sure many other area organization and people join us in that thanks and appreciation.


Past & Present Sponsors and Supporters

NWSB logo people make diff Lucy logo 292-gold-logo-finalAuthors books and music logoBetts logoFilmmaker Magifi_pos_colour1800Kim's CafeLEFT_CHEST_FINAL_HOAL_LOGO_PROOFMacys-LogoPlaza photo smallWRRN - Kinzua Countrytimesobserver


Independent film has its own roots in grassroots funding and one might say it remains the foundation of indie filmmaking. I don’t know about that but I do believe that grassroots is one of the things that makes indie film independent. Support is vital and the support of “the people” through grassroots support is not only financially helpful but it’s motivating, stimulating and sustaining. Your hard earned dollars at the grassroots level support the festival with more than dollars. Grassroots Donations demonstrate the will of the people and it’s a sign of supporting the idea.

Support the idea that The Boonies International film festival other than it’s “free to attend”?!

Why Support the Idea

  • The festival is free to attend
  • All seat to all film at all venues for all 4 days are free
  • All workshops are free
  • There is always something educational available at The Boonies
  • There is film for 4 days at lot of venues
  • It takes place in 8 counties
  • It’s a great drive to event – Drive Rt 6 or 62 or 66 or 666
  • There is live music “all the day and all of the night”
  • There’s an Emerging Technology Events
  • There is art
  • If the festival is free… you have more money for other fun things while you’re at The Boonies International Film Festival like… eating, recreating and shopping
  • There are films from around the world – many award winners
  • Lots of family friendly films
  • Filmmakers attend the festival presenting their films
  • Many  filmmakers presenting Q&A’s
  • Student films
  • The festival is free to attend

How to Support the Idea

  • Donate
  • Be a sponsor
  • Friend us on Facebook
  • Tweet us on our Twitter
  • On Instagram
  • On Pinterest
  • Watch for our year round 8 county events and attend
  • Volunteer
  • Talk to folks about film and The Boonies

Where to Support the Idea

When to Support the Idea

  • Any time the spirit moves you
  • As often as you like and or are able
  • Just enough to feel good
  • Not so much it hurts
  • As you’re asking other to support the idea
  • If the notion strikes ya
  • During those uncomfortable silent moments in conversation

When you come to The Boonies International Film Festival August 19th – 22nd, 2015 in Warren, Pennsylvania, USA and attend any or all films and workshops it won’t cost you a penny.

4 Days – All Films – Zero Dollars

Kind of awesome.

The Boonies want you to see all the films (movies) you want to see and give the filmmakers a larger audience. We do hope you will “Support the Idea” and donate to The Boonies but there is no obligation. All donations are greatly appreciated regardless of the amount.

Print out one of our donation forms and use a check or money order or head over to PayPal.

Jeff Clark – Executive Director