Serving: Cameron – Clarion – Clearfield – Elk – Forest – Jefferson – McKean and Warren Counties


  • Attract a global film industry to our eight counties
  • Grow Awareness local to global
  • Prepare our region for that film industry
  • Conduct location searches and listing results
  • Conduct crew and cast searches and list results
  • Document our eight counties on film

What Is Needed to Establish a Film Office?

The easiest way to answer the question – “What is needed to establish a film office?” – locations, locations, locations  honesty, awareness and be preparedness. To get the picture we just need to recall the list of credits at the end of any film. Realize that everything listed there is a job or requirement to make the movie. Next understand that every film shoot has a budget. Now imagine being able to offer and provide the vast majority of those needs and to do so with excellence. While a film office may not need everything every time it will always need locations, crew, cast, willingness, resources, resourcefulness and great hospitalities.

There are no costs or fees or memberships or secret expenses to be involved with The Boonies’ Northern PA Film Office… none, zero.

Serving you and 8 counties in Pennsylvania.  We have undiscovered locations in the PA, and talented trades and talents here in midst of The Boonies. 

Decay – Growth – History – Architecture – Trails – Sidewalks – Streets – Road – Highways – Streams – Rivers – Lakes – Hills – Valleys – Fields – Forests – Villages – Towns – Cities – Industries Old & New – Artisans – Craftsman – Professionals – Crew – Extras – Actors – Active Film Industry – Essence of Man and Nature at Hand

For information regarding the Northern PA Film Office or The Boonies International Film Festival contact Jeff Clark, Executive Director of The Boonies Inc.

1-814-730-7375 – 233 Liberty Street Suite2A/PO Box 365 Warren, PA 16365

Location Search

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​233 Liberty Street
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Boonies Executive Director
​Jeff Clark

NPAFO Director

​Joe Glarner – NPAFO Director
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You may wonder what does having a Regional State Film Office serving our eight counties.

Ultimately, it could and should mean that our counties would be host to the filming of major motion pictures.  Successfully accomplishing that translates into economic stimulation. It all requires making the world aware and being prepared.

For the most part the film office will be busy working in the background to bring film, photography and the film industry to our communities and region not just once but regularly as an asset they rely on.  Many people will be totally unaware of the office.  They may see a sign or a press release but day to day and overall the film office will go unnoticed by the local general public.  But it will be widely known to the film industry and to those locally involved.  All of this takes cooperation between the film office, all eight counties and the film industry.

When a film does come to town most folks will still be unaware.   Generally, when a film comes to town its economic impact is sizeable and positive.  Hotels and restaurants are at the forefront but when that film comes town they bring needs.  Drycleaners, launder mats, office supplies, gas, nails, hair, makeup, health care issues, and much, much more including locations, crew and extras.

The state of Pennsylvania is no longer relying on only Philadelphia and Pittsburg.  The realization of that economic facts has brought about 10 new Regional State Film Offices includes The Boonies’ Northern PA Film Office.

Our eight counties have a whole lot to offer and we have a whole lot to do.

Your interest and involvement is what we seek.

Contact Jeff Clark 814-730-7375

Here’s some more information for you – it should help all of us to understand the potential reality of our area as a location for film making from major motion pictures to local – regional indie films.

Two successful independent films were filmed in Warren one in 2004 and the second in 2008.  The filmmaker was Jake Mahaffy the films “WAR” (2004) and “WELLNESS” (2008).  Warren residents and actors made up the cast for both films.  Many businesses were utilized as locations and there were even a few locals as crew.  Not many folks new about it some still don’t but the films both won big and claimed many awards including the Ken Burns Award won by “WAR” additionally “Wellness” won South By South West film festival’s Grand Jury Prize.  The films claimed dozens of awards and accolades including articles in Variety Magazine and Hammer to Nail.

While the budget for the film was small the filmmaker had many needs for the film and the vast majority were obtained in Warren.  Some of Mahaffy’s film needs included laundry, food, props and gas.  So you see the needs are similar no matter the size of film.

These Denzel Washington film “Unstoppable” it had 31 filming locations and a good number of those locations were in Pennsylvania.  4 of those 31 locations were in counties which are now part of the Northern Pa Film Office.  I dare to wonder how many more PA location could have been in our region had we a regional film office to assist “Unstoppable” in their location search.  Most of us didn’t even know this was happening so close by and yet the economic impact was significant.  Ah the magic of film.

These were 4 of the 31 filming locations for the Denzel Washington film “Unstoppable” – now part of the Northern Pa Film Office:

Eldred location – McKean County

Port Allegheny location – McKean County

Turtle Point location – McKean County

Emporium location – Cameron County

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